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Recoverite or Whey Protein?

Recoverite or Whey Protein?


I (Steve Born) recently received this question from a client:

After a rigorous workout I’ve been using Recoverite. I also have your Whey Protein. Both say to use soon after a workout. Can I take them at the same time and would it be beneficial?

MY REPLY: If you are doing an aerobic type of workout, your body would benefit from both carbs and protein, which would mean Recoverite. The body needs the carbs to restock the muscle cells with fuel (so you aren’t on empty come tomorrow’s workout), and the protein (we use whey protein isolate in Recoverite) will be needed for muscle tissue repair, immune system support, and decreased soreness. There’s plenty of protein in a 2-scoop serving of Recoverite to kick-start the recovery process, so adding more Whey Protein to Recoverite—while neither harmful nor wrong—just isn’t necessary, in my opinion.

If you’re doing a purely strength workout (e.g. lifting weights at home or the gym), you really don’t need the carbs… 1 serving of Whey Protein ASAP after your workout will be the ticket here. It contains the same exact whey protein isolate that’s found in Recoverite, but with no added carbs.

Also, while you don’t need to do this every night, after your toughest workouts—or if you’re just feeling sore and perhaps not 100% immune system-wise—having 1 scoop of Whey Protein, mixed in water and consumed right before bed, will be extremely beneficial… you’ll definitely feel so much better the next morning. What I mean is to mix a scoop of Whey Protein in a glass containing 6-8 ounces of water (I use a fork to stir so that it mixes better), drink it down, brush your teeth, then go to bed.

Now the body now has an excellent dose of amino acids, which it will use during a time (sleep) when it does many of its reparation/recuperative processes, and the 6 grams of glutamine in the product will naturally and optimally elevate serum human growth hormone (hGH) levels, which has anabolic (muscle building) effects. Whey protein is also the best protein source for alleviating muscle soreness, so you’ll receive that benefit as well. A lot of athletes have remarked that this has really helped them feel remarkably good in the morning, even after a brutal “I don’t know if I’ll be able to move in the morning” workout.

COMMENT: I received a reply from the client, who wrote: "Thank you for your response. Great info. Based on my workouts, I now know a different, and better, refueling program for aerobic workouts vs resistance workouts."

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